Sonic Festival

I've just returned to Sweden from performing at the Sonic Festival in Copenhagen. It was a fantastic weekend where I met many other performers and composers from Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Thank you to the festival organisers and in particular to composer Patrik Jarlestam who wrote a suite of music which we performed together at the venue Mayhem. You can read more about the festival here, about Patrik here, and about the sponsors of our performance, Uruppförandeklubben, here.

Cortona Residency

I'm in the beautiful town of Cortona, Italy on a residency with Swedish composer Patrik Jarlestam. This project has been made possible by fst - föreningen svenska tonsättare - Society of Swedish Composers - who have provided a space for Patrik to workshop and compose. I'm very grateful to be a part of this project and am looking forward to performing Patrik's new compositions in Australia and Sweden.